5 Fall Holiday Activities to Enjoy with Your Grandchildren

By Inter Valley Health Plan

Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels

The holidays are especially fun for grandparents because with holiday school breaks and more family gatherings come more opportunities for making memories with our grandchildren. Organizing seasonal activities is a great way to spend quality time with grandkids and everything can be done virtually with FaceTime and many video call options.

If you choose the virtual option for optimal safety, you can drop off the materials to your grandkids ahead of time. Then, choose a time that works for your grandkids and set up a video call. And depending on the age of the kids, you may have to ask for grown-up assistance there at home.

Here are five fall holiday activities that will surely bring smiles to your grandkid’s faces.

  1. Make Pumpkin Apple Stamps. All you need is an apple to cut in half to serve as your stamp, then add orange paint, plastic googly eyes, and brown and green pipe cleaners. For detailed instructions, click here.
  • Bake Pumpkin Shortbread Cookies. This sweet, buttery, and crisp fall snack is sure to light up any child’s face. Ingredients and instructions are easy and takes just 40 minutes from the prep to your first bite. Click here for all the information.
  • Create Leaf Ghosts. With all the leaves falling during the fall season, it’s easy to gather a bunch for this art project. Once you have the leaves, you will want to paint them with white paint. Once dry, use black permanent marker to draw the “ghostly” black eyes. String them together for a spooky garland, scatter them along the table, or use them as place cards.
  • Pumpkin Decorating Contest. Pumpkin carving is part of the Halloween tradition. But you can take the fun up a notch with a contest for the whole family. Help your grandkids decorate pumpkins to compete with other members of the family (siblings, mom and dad, uncles, aunts etc.). Choose a judge, prize, and deadline to submit ahead of time. This can give kids a great way to show their creativity and enjoy fun times with the entire family.
  • Make a Feathered Turkey Puppet Glove. All you will need are feathers (natural/muted colors are best) a kid-friendly low-heat glue gun, kid-size gloves, craft felt in orange and red and scissors. Detailed instructions can be found here. These gloves can be loads of fun for kids for puppet shows around the Thanksgiving table.

And if you decide to venture out locally (safely, with a mask), the Inland Empire has a list of fun fall activities planned that you can read about here. Quality time with our grandkids is priceless. This cherished time spent baking and doing crafts (even if done virtually) are memories you and the kids will always remember.

Check out other helpful content on Inter Valley Health Plan’s blog, and the schedule for the Plan’s free online classes focused on health and vitality.

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