5 Classic holiday recipes to pass down to your grandchildren

By Inter Valley Health Plan

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

Holiday traditions are often centered around the kitchen, cooking and baking with family. Children love helping when it’s time to stir, ice the cake or decorate the holiday cookies. As grandchildren start to get older, you hope they remember those memories. A great way to keep those memories alive is to make sure to pass those recipes down through the generations.

Maybe you already have a book full of recipes or maybe none at all to pass down. Either way, you can start your recipe project today and consider gifting it to your grandkids for the holidays. Here are five classic holiday recipes to consider:

  1. Homemade Cinnamon Rolls – The glazy goodness of cinnamon rolls is sure to leave a lasting impression each time you make them.
  • Apple Pie –Holidays and apple pie go hand in hand. Let your grandkids enjoy the tradition with their own kids using this incredible homemade recipe.
  • Stuffing – Thanksgiving dinner is never complete without stuffing. This version comes equipped with a mix of country bread and cornbread, breakfast sausage, and fresh herbs to make it memorable. 
  • Homemade Lasagna – Thanks to Valerie Bertinelli, she has shared her mom’s lasagna recipe. Continue passing it down for lasting memories around a delicious meal.
  • Glazed Carrots – When you add brown sugar to cooked carrots, you can’t go wrong. This recipe can be a staple for any holiday meal or family dinner any night of the week!

Rather than just write the recipes down on a piece of paper that might get lost, get creative. Think about creating a notebook and laminating the recipes so they are all in one place and will last forever. Or you can go a step further and have a personalized booklet made using digital services like Shutterfly where you can insert photos of you and your grandchildren baking together alongside the printed recipe.

While the holidays may seem a little different this year, memories from cooking and baking will continue to live on. And with some creativity, you can create new memories in the new norm. Visit https://blogs.ivhp.com/blog-2/ for tips on health, lifestyle, Medicare Advantage and living a life full of vitality.

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