Have Fun and Get Everything You Need: Top Virtual and COVID-Friendly Services

Image by Mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

COVID-19 has made us all re-think trips to the grocery store, running errands and enjoying ourselves. Luckily, there are numerous user-friendly services now available that allows us to get what we need without ever leaving the house. Plus, many places we would traditionally visit for fun have now gone virtual. Check out these must-use delivery services and virtual ways to still have fun!

Food at Your Doorstep

  • Instacart – a grocery delivery service where you can place your order online (or via the mobile app) and have them delivered to your front door by a masked delivery driver – in as little as two hours. There is a fee attached but it allows you to get what you need without any health risk.
  • DoorDash – a food delivery service from top restaurants near you. So, if you don’t feel like cooking, you can search online (or via the app) for restaurants in your neighborhood and receive yummy meals usually under an hour.

These delivery services require your credit card number to set up your account, so when it’s time to place your order, you won’t need to have any contact with the delivery driver. Adding a tip is also just a press of a button at the end. Other food delivery services  to consider are Postmates or Uber Eats.

When it comes to enjoying yourself, lucky for us, many places have adjusted and turned virtual.

  • If reading is your hobby, you will be happy to learn that many libraries are offering a mix of in-person and virtual events, such as hosting local musicians, art courses, book clubs, and continuing adult education. Here is a list of all the local Inland Empire libraries to see what resources are offered virtually.

Here are other experiences you can have at home for free from some of the most popular places to visit:

  • The San Diego Zoo (San Diego, CA) offers “Live Cams” – a chance to view several of their exhibits in real time.
  • The Smithsonian Museum of Natural History (Washington, DC) offers virtual tours. Visitors have the option of self-guided tours or narrated tours of select exhibits.
  • The MET (New York, NY) offers MET 360°, an immersive video tour of 6 galleries within this historic space.
  • Monterey Bay Aquarium – also offers “Live Cams” where you can experience ocean life including turtles, sharks, coral reefs and more – without leaving your home.
  • Armchair Travel has grown in popularity as traveling dwindled due to COVID-19. Inter Valley Health Plan offers online travel classes where you can enjoy visiting the most sought-after places right from your living room. To check out upcoming classes, click here.

Although most people are now living life virtually, there are some people not yet comfortable navigating this online landscape. Here are some helpful classes and tutorials:

Many things are still unknown so now is the time to step up your virtual game to make the most out of 2021 and stay as safe as possible.

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