4 Things Only We Remember but Our Grandkids Won’t

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

We can all agree that the world is changing rapidly right before our eyes where WIFI or WLAN (Wireless Local Area Network) is a must. There are so many more conveniences now that we couldn’t have imagined when we were younger. When we see how the younger generations – like our grandkids – consume entertainment, talk to their friends, do their homework etc., it can make for some great stories about how it used to be ‘back in the day!’  

Here are some things only we remember but our grandkids won’t:

  • The Rotary Phone/Landlines and Phone Books: When younger people use the phone, it’s always referring to their cell phones. So, not only do modern phones no longer have buttons but we’ve ditched phone cords and rotary dials. And I bet most younger kids don’t know their friend’s phone numbers because they come up automatically in their cell phones. Your grandkids will get a real kick out of seeing a phone book the next time they need to call their friend. Nowadays, we can ask our Amazon-enabled devices such as ‘Alexa’ for a phone number to any local store or simply Google it on any device. Would your grandkids even know how to look up a local business in the Yellow Pages?
  • Encyclopedias: We all remember the days where we had those heavy, alphabetized volumes of encyclopedias on our bookshelf or had to head to the local library to find them for research. There is something nice about a hard cover book, but we can’t deny the convenience of the Internet to look up anything we want, at any time. And kids today are much more familiar with Wikipedia for any research. Which do you prefer?
  • Television/Movies: While some of us watch TV similar to how we used to – otherwise known as cable television – most of us stream TV shows and movies on our Smart TVs. Kids today don’t know the pain of rewinding or staying home to catch their favorite show so they wouldn’t miss it.   Young children were only able to watch their favorite cartoons on Saturday mornings, unlike today where they can watch anytime, anywhere, even in the car! Today, they can pick from a library of shows and movies in every category imaginable with little to no commercials. Not only that, but many kids don’t even have televisions. They watch everything on their cell phones or laptops. Oh, how times have changed! When we remember watching movies, especially new ones, we had to wait until they aired it on cable TV the one and single time, buy movie tickets on a Saturday night or take a trip to the local Blockbuster in the 80’s and 90’s. And when we brought our movies home, we slipped it into our VCRs. Kids today would have a real hard time even considering having to leave the house to pick just one movie to watch.
  • Music: How can we forget our record players and slipping our cassette tapes into our cars to hear the newest album byThe Beatles or Rolling Stones! And maybe we didn’t love every single song on the tape, and we found ourselves constantly rewinding to hear a favorite track, over and over. Today, our grandkids couldn’t fathom listening to music in this way. Now, we can play any music at any given time and stream through our devices such as our cell phones, Alexa or even Satellite radio in our cars.

For some good laughs, think about these things and set up a time to remind your grandkids about how it truly was ‘back in the day.’

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