5 Easy and Budget-Friendly Ideas to Spruce Up Your Home

Spring is upon us and this season often spurs ideas about decorating, remodeling, and spring cleaning. Bringing these ideas to life can be pricey and not realistic for many of us but that doesn’t mean you can’t get creative with do-it-yourself (DIY) ideas.

There are easy and budget-friendly changes that can make a world of a difference in your home. Try starting with these 5 ideas:

  1. Kitchen and bathroom makeover: We can all grow tired of our kitchen and bathroom cabinets– maybe because they are outdated, or your style has changed. Upgrading cabinets can be very expensive and an overwhelming project to take on— so consider changing up just the hardware. Maybe you have shiny silver knobs throughout your kitchen and bathroom, but your style now leans more towards black or gold. You can simply swap out all hardware or you can remove all your hardware and use spray paint in your preferred color. All new hardware can make it look like an entirely new kitchen or bathroom in just one day!
  • Clutter-free entryway: Once we come in the front door, the entryway can often get cluttered with all the things we want to leave by the front door. You often see shoes piled up with jackets and purses sprawled out. One way to give this area a new clutter-free look is to find a little table suited for the space (think vintage markets or garage sales), give it a fresh coat of paint if needed.  Organize and store shoes (and other items) in little baskets that will fit underneath the table. Once you have those baskets out of plain view, you can apply a fabric table skirt to hide them even more. Lastly, you can dress up the table with flowers or other simple decorative accents. More information here.
  • Spruce up your coffee table: A great way to add some color to your living room is to recycle your tattered wool cardigans and shrunken pullovers into coasters to use on your coffee table. First, wash 100% wool tops in hot water, then dry with an agitator (like jeans). After three rounds, sweaters should feel taut and felt-like. Use a pencil and a large-mouthed glass to trace circles onto the fabric and then snip out a set. More information here.
  • Brighten up your hallway. You may have some pictures hung up in your hallway now, but you can brighten up that wall in a variety of ways. Think of adding wall decals – maybe one that says ‘Family’ that can you place above the photos or in the middle of the photos. You can add floral decals as well on each side of the photo wall. Consider buying some new frames that may match better with your new style. Discount stores like Big Lots, Walmart, Hobby Lobby, and Home Goods all sell frames at affordable prices.
  • Curtain upgrade. Depending on how many windows you have, getting all new curtains can come with a hefty price tag. If you are comfortable sewing, another option is to choose a print you like at a fabric store and sew your own curtains. Aside from the color or print, you’ll want to consider fabric weight, thickness, and grain in your decision. They will be reusable, and you can plan on handwashing or dry cleaning them after a few uses. Helpful tips can be found here. Although this can take some time to complete, it will feel great to see them up once you are finished. Once you’ve chosen your print, you can purchase a few matching throw pillows for your couch.

When giving your home a makeover, a little really does go a long way. You don’t have to spend a lot of money or time to get a room looking spectacular. After a year at home due to COVID-19, what better time to spruce things up?

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