5 ways to eating smart around the holidays

Photo by Askar Abayev on Pexels.com

During this time, there is unlimited access to leftovers, not to mention, numerous social gatherings that all tend to revolve around food. It can be challenging to stick to a diet and stay healthy with all the temptations everywhere you turn.

As we get older, managing blood sugar levels become increasingly more difficult yet simultaneously more important. To help prepare for holiday gatherings this month, stick to these 5 tips:

  • Exercise before and after: One of the best ways to balance blood sugar levels is to exercise. So, before you head out to a family feast and after you’ve had your meal, find ways to implement movement. Suggest a family walk after dinner or some yoga after dessert.
  • Find alternatives: You can still enjoy good food, but you may consider a few modifications. Healthline suggests that you can use less butter and bacon in casseroles, yogurt instead of mayonnaise in devilled eggs, and bake any meats instead of deep frying it. With these simple tricks, you can keep all your favorites on your plate without all the excess calories.
  • Moderation and portion control are key: Before you indulge a bit more than usual at a family dinner, eat light. Cut out toast at breakfast, skip dressing on your salad for lunch. And when dinner time arrives, have one serving of everything versus two. Cut it down to half a roll instead of a whole and double up on the veggies. Enjoy your favorite dessert and skip the treats you don’t really love.
  • Take your time: After your first round of food, sit back and wait approximately 10 minutes. Waiting will allow your brain to process and send signals to your stomach if it’s full. In the end, your body may conclude that you are already satisfied with eating. 
  • Watch the alcohol: If your typical diet allows, enjoy a glass of wine at dinner or a yummy pre-dinner cocktail, and drink lots of water in between. If you have diabetes, drinking alcohol may cause your blood sugar to either rise or fall. Plus, alcohol has a lot of calories. So, it’s best to limit your intake overall. This will definitely pay off when you wake up the next morning.

Whether you have diabetes or tend to have higher-than-normal blood sugar levels, it is imperative you head into this holiday season with a plan of attack. Use the tips above as your guide to help keep your body in check while still enjoying all the wonder – and deliciousness – of the holiday season.

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