Spring 2022 Health Checklist

Spring is upon us and while we might have accomplished some goals set for the New Year, it’s an excellent time to assess our physical and mental health as many of us start to emerge from our homes a bit more. This checklist is a good reminder of the important items to address now: 

  1. Don’t let vaccines fall by the wayside. Get a COVID-19 vaccine if you haven’t already and discuss COVID booster shots with your doctor. Additionally, the seasonal flu is not over and people over the age of 60 are at a higher risk so if you haven’t already gotten your vaccine, now is the time. 
  1. Don’t put off your doctor visits. A recent report in the fall of 2021 found that more than one in 10 adults chose to delay or not seek care due to concerns about coronavirus exposure. Keeping up with wellness visits is vital for your health. Some things you may want to discuss with your doctor are cancer screenings, blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol, medications, and weight. Be sure and develop a list of questions and address all the items with your doctor at every visit. 
  1. You’ve heard it before, time to get serious about diet and exercise. Remember, don’t try to accomplish unrealistic goals around these two areas. They are both very important but a little goes a long way. Start with maintaining a balanced diet of protein, vegetables, and fruit combined with lots of hydration. And related to exercise, focus on moving more often. Walk more, take your dog for hikes, take a stroll to chat with neighbors, or get some stretching inWhatever fits your lifestyle, make it part of your routine. It can help with balance, fall prevention, bone strength, mental health, and so much more.
  1. Don’t underestimate the value of socializing. Make contact with people every day or at the very least every week either in-person or over video. As humans, social interaction is crucial to every aspect of our health. Research shows that having a strong network of support nurtures all areas of health and is an important factor of adult life, especially as we age. 
  1. Assess your health plans and medications. Each year, our health and lifestyle may change – slightly or dramatically. Either way, it’s important to assess your existing Medicare health plan to ensure it’s still right for you. You will also want to dig up all your medications from the past year and discuss them with your doctor. Make sure they are still needed and if any changes need to be made. Don’t assume what you had in place last year remains right for you this year.

Having checklists can serve as helpful reminders on the important things we need to do. Life can often get in the way of making health a priority. Make this year focused on feeling great and checking important health items off your list. 

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